Relocation Services

Shale Relocation Services are responsible for accommodating professionals and placement trainees from some of the UK’s leading employers.

In today’s economic climate, people are always moving to find the best possible accommodation. We deal with individuals and groups of professionals in times of great stress caused by changes in personal circumstances.

We provide all inclusive accommodation and tenancy contracts from 6 or 12-months. This service is to support all staffing or employee needs using a model that works while ensuring a safe and secure living environment.

Corporate Relocation

The corporate relocation service assists Human Resources departments who are responsible for the mobility of their staff and these can be domestic or international. Groups that need to stay together, whether that’s on a temporary or long term assignment, we can provide suitable housing to tailor your needs.

Employee Relocation

The employee relocation service deals with individuals from a professional background that seek accommodation based on their own terms. A professional houseshare is a great opportunity to meet new and social individuals from various backgrounds.

Trainee Relocation

We support placement trainees and postgraduates who are pursuing a master’s degree or PHD. We welcome these individuals into our professional houseshares and these can be domestic or international.